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Deep Cleaning can give your Old or Damaged Carpet a ‘’ Brand New’’ Look

Posted on April 20, 2017

Ever wondered why your carpet still looks dirty and dull even after rigorous vacuuming? Well, the reason for this is rather simple. Over time, any carpet, regardless of how diligently it is cleaned and vacuumed will accumulate dirt and grime of all kinds. In addition to the dust and dirt from footwear, your carpet is subjected to a lot of other kinds of dirt generators including food and drinks. And if you have pets in the house, well then in addition to pet hair, the carpet will also become a dropping ground for dried skin, ticks, and urine.

And if that has not caused enough damage, you also need to worry about your carpet becoming a breeding ground for germs and mold. When this happens, the look and feel of your carpet should be the least of your worries. Organic infestation such as mold growth can give rise to a number of health conditions that impact children, the elderly, the sick, and your pets the most.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Experts

One of the biggest advantages the All-Brite professional carpet cleaning experts offer is the methodology and the technology. You could always pick up the most expensive cleaning agents at the supermarket, however, if you are not an expert in carpet cleaning, then chances are you will end up with a clean carpet that still feels dull or worse you might end up damaging the fabric.  However, when you have a professional expert on the scene, you are assured of top-quality equipment and cleaning products that can pull out dirt and grime that is lodged deep in the fabric. The expert is also trained in carpet restoration which means your carpet will not only be rid of all the dirt and grime, but more importantly it will regain its formal glory.

The Three Step Carpet Cleaning Process


This is when the carpet cleaning experts thoroughly inspect your carpet to identify the kind of dirt and grime lodged in the carpet. Years of grime can sometimes leave the carpet discolored and the fabric could house an offensive odor. All these need to be factored prior to creating a customized cleaning solution and process.

Steam Cleaning

The All-Brite Professional Carpet Cleaning Experts use steam cleaning to get though the most stubborn of dirt particles. The powerful detergent used in the steam cleaning process helps in ensuring that the dirt and grime is pulled to the surface. Once the experts are satisfied that the carpet is free of all dirt, the drying out process is carried out.

Odor and Stain Removal

In the last stage of the cleaning process, the stains and odors are tackled. Again steam cleaning along with a cleaning agent is used for removal of stains and odor. If the stain is old and lodged deeply, the experts might opt for a stronger cleaning agent. The process is carried out till the carpet is completely stain and odor free.

The All-Brite professional carpet cleaning experts will then carry out a final inspection and share the results with the customer. Work is only considered complete, after the customer’s approval is met.

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