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Easiest Ways To Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Posted on July 7, 2017

The risks posed to both your property and your health from water damage should be considered with a fair amount of severity, as any water damage sustained to your property can lead not only to structural damage or but even eventually grow into a health hazard.

Though the risks presented by extensive water damage are not to be taken lightly, there are a few steps you could follow as a home owner to ensure your home is protected even if the unexpected strikes.

Inspect And Respect Your Plumbing

Burst and clogged pipes are easily one of the most common causes found behind water damage sustained to private property and certainly one of the most avoidable. As a homeowner you can take a few precautions to ensure your plumbing is functioning properly and avoid coming home to an impromptu indoor pool.

Install a Garbage Disposal…

Often the two biggest culprits behind burst pipes is food waste and grease. Together, these two can easily form a seal within a pipe causing undue pressure throughout your entire system. Once pressure begins to build, it is only a matter of time before a seal or pipe gives way and begins to flood your home.

To avoid this problem entirely, simply install and use a garbage disposal on any sinks food may slip into.

Installing a garbage disposal is a rather straight forward process that you can do yourself with minimal supplies, though if it is your first time tackling projects under your sink, it may be best to call a professional like allbriteprocleaning.com

Though a garbage disposal will drastically cut down the risk of food clogging your drains, it will do little in the way of making grease safe for your pipes. As a best practice, you should always instead dispose of grease and oils in accordance with your local laws to avoid damaging your plumbing and municipal lines.

Inspect Your Roof And Gutters

Damaged roofs and clogged gutters pose a severe risk for water damage, if damage sustain reaches extensive enough levels, a home’s roof can quickly become a caving hazard. To avoid putting your family and home at risk, be sure to routinely inspect your roof for noticeable damage while keeping gutters clean and clear of debris, especially before the wetter months.

A Clogged Gutter Or Damaged Roof Can Quickly Allow Water To Pool Unnoticed In The Attic Of Your Home, This Left Unchecked Equally Poses A Potential Health And Safety Hazard As The Space Is A Prime Location For Black Mold To Take Hold And Infest.

Fixing Water Damage Within Your Home

Even with a healthy dose of precaution taken, accidents and unfortunate events do tend to happen, and often, without warning. If you have found yourself battling water damage despite your best efforts, it is essential you call a local professional as soon as possible to help you mitigate the damage before it becomes too extensive and ends up becoming a true hazard to your family and your home.

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