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How to Maintain Your Tile Floors

Posted on February 28, 2019

Tile floors look amazing in your home. Whether they’re in your bathroom, kitchen, or other areas, you want them to be as clean as possible. But how can you do that with all the dust, mold, and other particles that dig into the grout? Tile and grout cleaning is essential because, without it, you may need tile replacement in the future. Here are some ways to maintain your tile floors.

Mop Weekly

Once a week, while cleaning your bathroom, your kitchen and vacuuming your rugs, also mop your tile floors. This will help get rid of the excess dust and dirt that accumulate during the week. While it’s not a deep clean, a good mopping can prevent you from inadvertently grinding unwanted particles into the grout of your tile floors.

Spot Clean As Needed

If you see a spot that needs scrubbing, don’t want to clean it up. For grout especially, make sure you are spot cleaning in order to prevent mold and other damage to your tile floors. Spot cleaning can be done with a sponge and spray, a Clorox wipe, or even a paper towel to get up the random spots and stains that end up on our tile floors.

Remove Old Grout 

Cracks and other damage to your tile floors can be prevented by getting rid of old grout. Buy a grout saw at your local hardware store and use to remove any old grout. Run the saw along the grout lines until you can see new grout appear. The new grout will then need to be cleaned to get rid of any leftover grout dust.

Hire A Professional to Clean Regularly

On a monthly basis, you should have a professional cleaner come in to clean and polish your floors. Professional cleaners have access to safe cleaning solutions and equipment that will clean your tile floors more effectively than you can do with a mop and a sponge. A professional cleaner will also be able to inspect your tile floors for damage, cracks, or mold. Since mold can be dangerous to inhale, a professional can remove the mold safely.

Maintaining your tile floors doesn’t have to be difficult. When done correctly, tile floor maintenance will save you time and money by reducing the risk for cracks and mold. Create a tile floor cleaning routine and schedule regular professional cleanings to keep your floors looking clean, shiny, and stain-free. All Brite Professional Cleaning Services specializes in tile cleaning and repair. Call us today at 1-863-382-0042 to schedule a visit to your home.

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