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Move Out Cleaning Services

Posted on May 15, 2019

Move Out Cleaning Photo paulbr75 / Pixabay

After you sell the house, pack up all your stuff, and get ready to move into the new place you need to get the old house ready for the new inhabitants. People who rent are told to do this as a part of the move-out policy, but as a homeowner who just sold, it’s also a good idea to do move out cleaning. We know you’re so busy with all of the moving preparations that you don’t have time to clean on your own. That’s why you need to hire a cleaning service.

Window Washing

Give the new owners the gift of shining and crystal-clear windows. You’ll want this for yourself in your new place, so why not pay it forward? Move out cleaning includes windows because, after years of living in the same place, all of the dust, fingerprints, and allergens that have accumulated on your windows should be removed. By hiring a cleaning service, the cleaning formulas they use are stronger and more effective than Windex or other cleaners you buy at the store.

Pressure Washing

Move out cleaning can also include pressure washing the sides of your house and the driveway or porch. Over time you’ll notice stains, dirt, and possibly mold on the outer areas of your home. Pressure washing gets rid of all of the accumulations and restores the color and structure of the property. This is also great if there are any leftover sidewalk chalk drawings or mud stains.

Carpet Cleaning

This is a must after selling your home. The new owners don’t want to come into a house with leftover dust and odors on a used carpet. Making your carpet part of your move out cleaning list is critical to restoring the home to its original condition. Make the house ready to be enjoyed by a new family by removing any dust, odor, or damage.

Tile Cleaning

Finally, tile cleaning is just like carpet cleaning in that you need to make this a part of your move out cleaning list. Part of this process will be examining the grout between tiles, checking for damage, and removing any mold or dirt. If any tiles need to be replaced, a cleaning service can help you replace them.

Move Out Cleaning

Essentially, you want your home to be so clean that it’s like you were never there. All of your memories and belongings will be going with you. Don’t leave dirt and other unwanted mess behind. If you are in need of move out cleaning, call All Brite Professional Cleaning Services today for our help. Reach us at 1-863-382-0042.

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