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Why do you need to clean Your Upholstery?

Posted on May 26, 2017

Just as everything else in your home needs cleaning, so does your upholstery.  We tend to spend a lot of time sitting on couches, sofas and chairs and are unaware of the bacteria and other micro-organisms that are breeding within the fibers of our furniture.

What happens in your upholstery over time?

Dust mites, bedbugs, mold, mildew and bacteria can get deep inside the upholstery and the only way to truly remove all of the dirt and microscopic bugs is to have a professional upholstery cleaning company do a full clean of the upholstery. Those weird smells that sometimes come from the depths of the sofa are more than likely as a result of the mold, mildew and bacteria building up and breeding inside the furniture.  A deep clean will get the furniture smelling much better as well. If you suffer with allergies, the pollen, spores and dander that hide inside your furniture may cause you a lot of added suffering. Deep cleaning professionally will also help with that.

Why use a professional cleaning company?

A company that specializes in cleaning items such as upholstery will know the best methods to use for each type of fabric as well as how to remove those ingrained stains without discoloring your expensive furniture. Specialized cleaning equipment is needed for a deep down clean so that all mold spores, bacteria, dirt and allergens are removed from the upholstery. Certain types of upholstery require a different type of cleaning than others so that the fibers are not damaged. A professional company will be able to clean the furniture gently and carefully, removing stains but without damaging the fibers or causing shrinkage. No abrasive methods are used that would damage the fibers and cause holes and tearing. Specialist cleaning companies use dry cleaning and steam cleaning as well as special treatment on leather and suede upholstery. Severe damage can be done to your expensive furniture if the incorrect cleaning method is used.

You may have young children and pets in your home which results in a lot more spills and grime on your upholstery. Animal hair, fleas, dirt, juice spills and food crumbs and a lot worse can find it’s way into the fibers of your sofas, couches, chairs and any other upholstered items. Making sure that you clean your furniture bi-annually ensures that your furniture lasts longer as the abrasive items that cause damage to the fibers are removed, your furniture also looks and smells better. People with allergies, pets or small children may actually want to clean a bit more often to keep your home cleaner and more hygienic. Cleaning your furniture also gets rid of the mildew and mold spores hiding deep inside, reducing the spores and bugs released into the air from your upholstery.

Take a look at your furniture, does it look a bit run down? Are you hiding stains with pillows and throws? Are you getting funny smells in your home from your lounge suite?  Opt for a deep clean to give your furniture a new lease on life as well as making it smell and look much better.

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