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Why You Need A Cleaning Service After New Construction

Posted on March 13, 2019

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The best time to do a new construction cleaning is before you move your furniture in. Construction workers will pick up their tools and equipment, but they often leave behind messes that need to be cleaned up. Here are some reasons you need new construction cleaning.

Appliance Cleaning Service

One thing you may not think of is that a new construction cleaning can clean all of your appliances for you. New sinks, tubs, and stoves will accumulate dust, scuffs, and fingerprints during the construction process. A restoration service will be able to take any stickers off of new appliances without leaving sticky residue behind. They can also clean light fixtures and windows. By hiring a restoration service to come clean your home, you’ll know that you’re moving into a house that’s sparkling clean.

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

Whether you opt for tile, hardwood, or even carpet, chances are that lots of dust and debris have formed a layer on your floors. Restoration teams will come in to vacuum and deep-clean your floors to make them move-in ready. Move-in is the best time to have your floors deep-cleaned so you know you are starting fresh in your brand new home. This way you won’t worry about anyone else’s mess besides your own. After a construction team has finished, they’ve probably walked over your new floors many times.

Paint Touch-Ups

Once appliances, carpet, and other materials are brought into a home, there is a chance for scuffing and chipping. Hire a restoration company to do paint touch-ups anywhere that needs it. Even if you don’t see a chip yourself, a restoration company will be able to inform you and fix the problem.

Debris Pick-Up

Finally, if a construction company leaves behind any debris outside your home that is too big to pick up yourself, a restoration company can provide the right equipment to dispose of the debris for you. Then, not only will you have a clean house, but a clean lawn and driveway as well.

New construction cleaning is essential after building a new house. You don’t want to take the time to do all of the cleaning yourself. You’ll save time and money by letting professionals do the job for you. Call All Brite Professional Cleaning today to schedule your new construction cleaning at 1-863-382-0042.

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