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Are you in need of New Property Construction Cleaning?

Posted on April 14, 2017

Once the construction workers have completed their job, the real work begins for the property owner – You. The house is ready, but it is not ready to move in or for letting out or even for sale. To make your house into a home, a lot of work still needs to be done. Primarily among the tasks is clean-up. And no matter how DIY driven you maybe, the kind of tasks involved in getting a new property construction market ready is best left to licensed technicians who have the equipment, the know-how, and an array of powerful cleaning products at their disposal to give your property that special new-look.

Why you need a Professional on the Scene

The construction crew will definitely try to leave as little mess as possible. But the fact is, these guys are on the clock and in a rush to get to the next job. So the grime and the dust, the paint spills and streaks are unavoidable. Having a professional who can overlook the complete cleaning with the right kind of equipment and eye for detail is very necessary. You are after all aiming to impress prospective buyers and nothing short of a 100% clean-up will suffice.

Starting with the Inspection

A professional cleaning team such as All-Brite technicians will always start with a thorough assessment of the building. Factors such as square footage, the contaminated areas, kind of cleaning/restoration work required will all be taken into account. One this information has been collected, the professional teams will then create a cleaning plan and process as well as an estimate. No plan is implemented without the approval of the customer. So once the approval is met, only then will the teams begin with the work.


Using A-grade technology and best-in-class cleaning solutions, the professional cleaning technicians will carry out systematic cleaning of the entire building. In most instances however, the two areas that need wider attention are the kitchen and the bathroom. All the fixtures as well as the counter tops will be cleaned and polished to ensure that brand new sparkle regardless of the material they are made from. Remember, all this information is already factored into the action plan right at the inspection stage. So you never have to worry about delays and unnecessary back and forth between tasks. The other important area of focus in addition to fixtures and counter tops are the tiles and the windows. These need to be scrubbed clean and polished as well. All-Brite technicians specialize in window cleaning services. So you can be sure of a polished and clean look minus any abrasions or damage.

The Final Inspection and Customer Sign-off

After the cleaning is complete, the technicians on site carry out a final assessment to ensure that all areas have been cleaned to satisfaction. This final assessment is crucial to ensure that the building is 100% ready to be handed over to the owner and is market ready. The customer will be asked for a sign-off only after they have taken a tour of the property and are satisfied with the cleaning tasks carried out.


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