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Why Do I Need A Professional Window Cleaning Service?

Posted on May 16, 2018

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You take great pride in the way your home appears from the outside. Your home’s exterior makes the first impression for people walking or driving by. One element of your home’s exterior that you may not think about often is your windows. Just like the rest of your home, your windows need to be properly maintained. A professional window cleaning service can not only brighten up your home’s exterior, but also extend the life of your windows.

Protects Your Windows

Since windows are outdoors, dirt and dust build up on them. Dirt and dust can cause damage to your windows. If you are not cleaning your windows, the dirt and debris can etch your glass and cause scratches and blemishes. While cleaning your windows yourself will take away some of the dirt and debris, you might do more damage to the windows with the equipment you use. A professional window cleaning company has experience and knows the right products and equipment to use. Using the right products protects your windows from further damage and ensures all dirt is properly removed.


Since windows are not all on ground-level, cleaning them often requires a ladder. If you are not comfortable on a ladder or do not have a spotter, you could get seriously injured while cleaning your windows. Window cleaning also requires cleaning products that contain certain chemicals. If you are not careful or do not know how to use the cleaning products, the chemicals could cause damage to you and your home. Hiring a professional window cleaning company ensures that no one will fall off a ladder and that the cleaning products are used correctly.

Identifying Problems

If you are cleaning your own windows, you are probably doing so as quickly as possible. You are cleaning one window and then moving on to the next one. While this is quick and efficient, you miss out on checking the window frames. A lot of damage occurs to your window frames as they are exposed to the outdoor elements. A professional window cleaning company takes the time to inspect each window after cleaning it. Inspecting your windows ensures that all problems are identified and taken care of.

Cleaner for Longer

You may think that your windows will stay clean for a while after you clean them yourself. However, debris and dirt will quickly start to build-up again. Professional window cleaning companies, on the other hand, use special formulate tactics and methods to ensure your windows stay cleaner for longer.

Removing Hard Substances

Your windows are exposed to many different substances such as tree sap, bird poop, and mulch spores. Each of these elements can be difficult to remove on your own. A professional window cleaning company has the products necessary to completely remove these elements from your windows, restoring their beauty and extending their lifespan.

Call the Professionals

Don’t let dirt, debris, and other outdoor elements destroy the beauty of your windows. Call the professionals to come and clean your windows today. Having a professional window cleaning is the best way to restore your windows’ beauty and life. Contact All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services today to schedule your professional window cleaning appointment.


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