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Below The Surface Of Water Damage

Posted on June 26, 2017

Water damage can come in many shapes and forms. It can be something as simple as an unattended leaky roof pooling water in an attic or something as devastating as a burst pipe flooding a room.

But no matter what caused the damage, water damage of any type can pervasively and quickly destroy a home from the inside out.

Though, how quickly your home becomes damaged depends on the severity of the reasons behind the flooding, one thing is certain across the board, if left unrepaired and ignored water damage can severely damage your home. Even the smallest of leaks can eventually cause structural damage to a home if not properly remediated.

In The Event Of a Flood Or Leak

Once the source of the flooding has been contained, it is essential that steps are immediately taken to limit any damage to a home, though this may be impossible in the event of disaster or major flooding incident.

The first thing to focus on is removing any valuables or items that can pose a hazard from the affected area. It is essential that everything is removed quickly from the area as each item can pose a potential risk for contamination and mold growth.

Once everything has been removed and the source of the flooding contained, it is imperative that you schedule an appointment with a home water damage professional.

As water is pervasive in completely filling an area, the damage caused by a leak or flood often extends much deeper into the structure of a home than what is immediately visible to the untrained eye. So while as a home owner it may seem that a leak or flood has not caused significant damage, an expert will be able to best determine the level of damage sustained.

Potential Risks Hiding Beneath the Surface

At times the amount of damage a home sustained from flooding can be deceptive once the area has been dried and cleaned.  While visibly things like dry wall and floor boards may seem structural sound, unfortunately the case often is that damage has been sustained deep within the actual material itself. This can pose an especially dangerous hazard as home owners may believe their home is safe while the potential for harm remains.

The porous materials that are used to create walls and ceilings are especially susceptive to extensive damage while appearing safe. This can easily lead to more damage within a home while posing an extreme risk to everyone inside.

Beyond Risk to Your Property

If left unmediated, the damage sustained to a home can quickly become a major health hazard for all inhabitants. Soggy, damaged materials become a prime location for mold to take hold within a home as it slowly spreads throughout a structure.  This in itself can pose its risks to the structural integrity of your home and the health of your family, further exacerbating the costs incurred from the flooding.

This highlights the necessity of calling a professional at the first sign of water damage. By doing so you can save yourself potential thousands and keep your family safe from harm.

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