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Tile and Grout Maintenance

Posted on September 19, 2018

Tile and Grout Photo by shadowfirearts | Pixabay

Whether your tile and grout are in your kitchen or bathroom, the reason you install tile is adding beauty. However, tile and grout are susceptible to breaking down if not maintained correctly. Tile in your bathroom exposure to moisture allows for cracks and dirt if the cracks get bad enough water can get behind the tile and cause issues. Likewise, kitchen tile and grout can get food and other stains causing issues as well. Maintaining your tile and grout prolongs the lifespan and restores beauty. By following these maintenance tips, your tile will be looking like new.

Remove Old Grout

Grout in most cases is the reason for tile breaking down. Grout itself is not very water resistant and is prone to cracks and mold build-up. The best way to avoid cracks and mold is by removing old grout. To remove old grout simply take a grout saw (found at your local hardware store) and run it along the grout lines. You should continue this until you reach healthy grout. After, you have reached healthy grout be sure to clean the grout to remove all the old grout and dust.

Clean Tile and Grout Weekly

Whether you realize it or not your tile and grout get a lot of use throughout the week. Tile is either getting hit with water, food splatter, or dirty shoes. No matter what you expose your tile to on a daily or weekly basis, it is necessary to at least wipe down all tile and grout once a week. Wiping down tile and grout weekly does not allow the dirt and dust that causes mold and cracks to build up.

Use Correct Cleaner

There are many different ways to clean your tile and grout. Many people will just use an anti-bacterial wipe. While anti-bacterial wipes are great at preventing bacteria build-up, these wipes are not always the best for your tile. Using the wrong cleaner can actually cause your tile to break down more quickly. It is imperative that you do not use any cleaners that are acid based. Acid is very harmful to your tile. In most cases, you will want to use a tile-specific cleaner.

Professional Cleaning

During most tile cleanings you can do on your own. It is best to have your tile and grout cleaned professionally every few months. Hiring professional tile and grout cleaners ensures that the cleaning is thoroughly completed and with the right cleaning products. A professional cleaning also gives your tile a deeper cleaning. Professional crews have equipment that goes deeper under the surface to give your tile a great cleaning. Having a professional cleaning done helps prolong the life of your tile.

Call Today!

If you are ready for your kitchen and bathroom to look new again, then it is time to call the professionals. All Brite Cleaning does a great job of restoring your tile to new. For more information about All Brite’s tile and grout cleaning services contact them today. Restore beauty to your home with a tile cleaning today!

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