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Tips for DIY Pressure Washing

Posted on March 20, 2019

Pressure Washing Photo Pexels / Pixabay

So you want to pressure wash your house. You have a pressure washer, you have some knowledge of how to use it, and you’re a DIY kind of person. Great! But did you know that pressure washing isn’t as easy as it looks? There are tips of the trade that can make it easier on you, and it’s best to know when it’s time to leave it to the professionals.

Adjusting Pressure For Each Surface

Once you’ve figured out what surface you’re cleaning, you need to know what setting on your pressure washer you should be using. Is your house stone, wood, or brick? Are you cleaning the grout in a tiled patio? Some surfaces will withstand more pressure than others, so you need to know which setting is going to clean best. You also need to be careful when handling the pressure in order to not break any windows and splash the water into the house.

Pressure Washing Dirt and Mud

Dirt, mud, and other particles are typically what you’ll be pressure washing off your house or porch. You should keep an eye on how dirty your house gets so that mud doesn’t cake on and become difficult to remove. Depending on how stuck the mud gets, you may need to pressure wash the same spot for a while to get all of the mess off. Doing this without damaging your home can be tricky. If you aren’t sure if you can do it well yourself, call a professional restoration company.

Pressure Washing Oil Stains

Oil stains require a two-step process to be removed. Detergent must be applied to the stain first and allowed to sit for 5-10 minutes. Then pressure washing will remove the stain and the detergent. This process is pretty simple for professionals, but you need to do some research if you want to buy the detergent yourself. The deeper the stain, the longer you should let the detergent sit.

Pressure Washing Mold

Mold grows on your house during humid times of the year, when the air is damp and coats the siding or concrete floor. When it comes to mold, you have to be careful about how you remove it. When mold shows up in one place, it’s probably elsewhere as well. We do not recommend trying to do pressure washing to remove mold yourself. Instead, call a professional who can deep clean with a pressure washer that can put chemicals into the pressured water and clean off the mold much more easily.

We recommend pressure washing your house once a year to keep your home looking clean and maintaining a good condition. You can do most of it yourself, but when in doubt, hire a professional restoration service. At All Brite Professional Cleaning services, we pride ourselves on excellent pressure washing service. If you need to pressure wash your home or office, call us today at 1-863-382-0042.

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