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Vinyl Composite Tile Cleaning

Posted on March 27, 2019

VCT Cleaning Picture royguisinger / Pixabay

All Brite Professional Cleaning can clean more than just your house. If you own a business with Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT), you can hire us to clean your floors as well. VCT cleaning is a lot more time-consuming – it requires more effort than mopping with soap and water. You can try to do VCT cleaning yourself, but it’s better if you use a licensed professional who can guarantee a job well done. Below are the steps for cleaning your VCT floor.

Floor Stripping

VCT cleaning starts with stripping away the old wax on the floor. A chemical formula is applied on top of the old wax and left to set for 15 minutes. Once the formula has been absorbed, the wax is scrubbed away with a scrubbing machine, followed up with cleaning by a squeegee and vacuum. The whole process is repeated until all of the wax is gone. If you try to do this part yourself – though we advise against it – you need to make sure all of the old wax is gone. Anything left will turn brown and show beneath any new wax put on top.

Floor Waxing

The first five layers of wax are made of urethane to create a strong and protective base. Then thin outer coating wax is applied on top, layer by layer, for a smooth and glossy sheen on your floor. The process of applying the thin top layers is slower since each is placed one at a time to avoid globs and bubbles. The entire floor is then inspected to make sure the job is done to our highest standards.

Floor Maintenance

VCT floors need to be stripped and waxed at least once a year. There is also maintenance to be done in between. VCT cleaning involves mopping regularly and hiring technicians to buff the floors with a special polish. After a while, the top layers of wax will be stripped and replaced separately from the full strip and wax surface. Mop your floors regularly with a low-ph cleaner to keep from wearing down the wax faster.

Hire a professional for VCT cleaning to make sure the job is done right. At All Brite Cleaning Professionals, you can trust our work with your VCT floors and other cleaning services, including damage clean-up after a storm. Give us a call today at 1-863-382-0042 to set up your first VCT cleaning visit.

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