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Water Damage Prevention

Posted on May 2, 2018

Water Damage Prevention
Water Damage Prevention Photo by kaboompics | Pixabay


Dealing with water damage is a headache that you never want to have. While most insurance companies will cover water damage, it is a claim you never want to file. Don’t let a burst pipe or a leaky sink cause an unwanted mess. Follow these water damage prevention tips to save yourself money and a huge mess.

Disconnect Hoses

There can be standing water in your hose, that can freeze back into the pipe and create an ice block. When there is an ice block, two things can happen. The first thing that can happen is a stop in your water flow. The second thing an ice block can cause a pipe bursting. When the pipe bursts, it creates damage to walls, floor, and foundation. The best water damage prevention, in this case, would be to disconnect your hose when you are not using it, especially during the winter months.

Keeping Your Gutters and Downspouts Clean

Unclean gutters and downspouts can cause standing water. Not managing the standing water can damage your gutters and roof, it can also cause an overflow that damages your foundation. The best water damage prevention for your gutters and downspouts is having them cleaned twice per year. Ensuring your downspouts point away from your home also helps prevent water damage.

Check Your Water Pressure

If your water pressure is set too high, it can cause your pipes and hoses to fail under pressure. Failure of your pipes and hoses will cause your pipes to burst. The best water prevention tip to fix this issue is to buy a water pressure gauge. Attaching the water pressure gauge to an outside hose and turning it on full force will give you a reading of your home’s pressure. The pressure of your water should be between 40 to 70 psi. If your home’s water pressure is 100 or above, you will want to install a pressure regulator.

Investigate Leaks and Fix Right Away

Not investigating or fixing a leak right away will lead to mold, mildew, and other water damage. The most significant water damage that can occur is structural damage. While your insurance company will cover sudden and accidental water damage, they will not cover leaks you know about. The best way to know about a leak is to watch your water bill. If your water bill jumps from one month to the next, you may have a leak. Once you realize you have a leak, you need to determine where it is. Having a plumbing inspection complete will determine where the leak is.

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While you might follow these water prevention tips, some water damage occurs without any signs or comes from a natural disaster. In cases where you cannot prevent water damage, you need an expert to clean up the mess. If you have water damage that needs to be taken care of, you need to call the experts at All Brite Cleaning. All Brite ensures that all water damage is taken care of and your home is left is a better state. Call All Brite today at 1-863-382-0042.

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