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Windows Maintenance Best Practices

Posted on October 10, 2018


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When you clean and maintain your home, you do things like cleaning the carpets, pressure-washing the exterior and cleaning the upholstery. One thing you may forget about is cleaning your windows. The interior and exterior of your windows see a lot of dirt, dust, and moisture. Cleaning and maintaining your windows improve their longevity and helps them brighten your home. Here are some best practices when it comes to windows maintenance in your home.

Routine Inspections

Inspecting your windows is an important part of correctly maintaining them. An inspection allows you to see any current or potential future issues. An inspection of the glass and frame should be done every season to ensure they are ready for any weather changes. Doing a window inspection does not require a professional; you can do it yourself. When you are inspecting your windows, be sure to check these items.

  • Check the condition of the window and frame
  • Use a metal probe to check the wood for rot
  • Check for moisture in double and triple panes (finding moisture may mean you need a new seal)
  • Look for any bumps or chipping paint

If you find any of these issues, you should fix it as soon as possible.


Ensuring your window seals are still good not only maintains the windows but can save you money. If there is a gap in the seal, then warm and cool air can both go in and out of your home. When the air escapes your home, your energy bill rises. Replacing any worn-out seals will prevent air from getting out and costing you money. Good seals also ensure moisture does not reach the wood frames of your windows.

Attend to Damaged Parts

Attending to any damaged part immediately is crucial. The longer you wait to repair the cracks, holes, and splinters, the more your window deteriorates. If you find rot in your window, simply take a screwdriver and dig the rot out. Fill the hole with epoxy putty.


Cleaning your windows is very important. It does more than just allow more light into your home. The best way to clean your windows is with a damp cloth. Be sure that the cloth is not too wet. Too must moisture can cause rotting in the wood frame. Using the damp cloth simply wipe down all window surfaces to remove dirt and dust. To wash vinyl and aluminum frames, use a mild detergent to wipe them down. Glass cleaner can make the windows sparkle. For your windows to stay clean longer, you should wipe down the window casing and surrounding walls. Doing this extra step ensures no extra dirt gets on your windows.

Have your Windows Cleaned

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