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Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Posted on December 26, 2018


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Doing your own carpet cleaning can be challenging. Each type of carpet requires specific cleaning and maintenance. Not only does the type matter, but different things in your home make up the dirt and grime in your carpet. Each form of dirt and grime is different in its make-up and requires different types of cleaning. It is easy to make a mistake when cleaning the carpets yourself. Nonetheless, if you know the most common carpet cleaning mistakes before you start, then you will be less likely to have any issues.

Waiting Too Long After a Spill

The number-one mistake when trying to keep your carpets clean is waiting too long to clean up a spill. The best way to get rid of a stain is to clean it as soon as possible. Spills will seep further into your carpet the longer you wait to take care of them. If stains get down far enough, it is difficult to remove the entire stain. If a stain keeps coming back, then it means it is deep into your carpet and will require a professional carpet cleaning.

Using the Wrong Carpet Cleaner

You would think that all carpet cleaners would clean any type of carpet. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It is important to read the carpet cleaning label before using it. Using a carpet cleaner that is not suitable for your type of carpet will damage your carpet. Another thing to keep in mind is that some DIY carpet cleaners are too harsh to use on certain carpets.

Rubbing Stains Instead of Blotting

When it comes to stains, you tend to grab a cloth or paper towel and rub the stain. Rubbing a stain will only make it worse. When you rub a stain instead of blotting, it causes the stain to go deeper into your carpets. When you clean a stain be sure to blot from the inside out for the best results.

Using Deodorizer as a Cleaner

When you clean your carpets, the first thing you may look for is a deodorizer. Deodorizers do not clean carpets or stains. The main purpose of deodorizers is to eliminate odors in your carpet. You should also be careful when using deodorizers as many vacuums are not strong enough to pull up all the deodorizer. If deodorizer is left in your carpets, it actually builds up dirt.

Avoiding Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is the best thing for your carpets. Your carpets get the care and maintenance they deserve. Avoiding professional carpet cleaning can actually cause more issues. If you have not had your carpets professionally cleaned, you may start to notice more stains and wear. It is best to have a professional cleaning at least once a year. A professional cleaning extends the life of your carpets and brightens your home.


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