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Flood Damage

It happens all over the world. A devastating storm front sweeps through dropping horrendous amounts of rain, or a devastating hurricane makes landfall. In such extreme cases, there is more water than your area drainage infrastructure can handle. All that excess must go somewhere. Unfortunately, you find most of it seems to be flowing into your house or place of business.

Everything at ground level (furniture, dining table, lower walls) is quickly saturated and probably ruined. The drywall and insulation is certainly shot. Once the storm passes, the water recedes; then it’s time to call in the professionals who can help you restore your property. All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services are the ones to call.

Our service area covers Okeechobee County, Highlands County, DeSoto County, Hardee County and Glades County. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year and will respond within 30 to 60 minutes for all emergency services, so call All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services at (863) 382-0042.

You can feel confident when you call All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services because a skilled team of professional cleaning and restoration experts will begin working at your home or place of business as soon as possible. We utilize cutting-edge equipment, restoration techniques, and powerful cleaning products.

If your home or business was caught in the path of a flood, don’t delay calling for help. Hesitating will not make the problem go away; in fact, it will likely make things worse. If flood waters have caused a problem at your residence or business, you can feel confident because our staff is license and trained to safely and effectively clean and restore your property in such extreme circumstances.

Flood damage procedures:

All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services is a team of water damage professionals, trained and licensed to deal with flood damage and other restoration needs. They will proceed quickly to your residence or place of business and begin working the initial inspection of your property. Truck-mounted pumps will clear out any standing water on your ground floor.  Then your possessions or business assets will be checked for water damage.

We use regulation-approved and certified techniques in all our services. Damaged portions of flooring, drywall, and insulation will be replaced with fresh materials. We want to restore your property to its pre-flood condition.

1) Inspecting the flooded area and developing a restoration plan

First our team will inspect the areas of your property that were flooded, assessing the pertinent details of your situation: type of water that caused the damage, extent of the damage, salvageable contents, effects on the framing wood, and so forth. This will help the team accurately formulate an idea of what your property needs as they draft a restoration plan. They will also have to check for possible bio-hazard infestations, like mold. Using cutting-edge moisture sensing equipment (such as infrared cameras) they can find any hidden pockets of moisture where these bio-infestations might grow: in the attic, under the floor, or inside walls.

After the initial inspection, our All-Brite team will develop a plan to restore your residence or place of business to its pre-flood condition. You will be presented with the plan and a detailed explanation of the damages to your property.

2) In case of bio-infestations

A bio-infestation, such as black mold or mildew, will not always be the end-result of flooding, but it is always a potential danger. Certain safety and health precautions must be taken if the inspections reveal a presence of any bio-hazards.

If the infestation has spread extensively through the property (a very serious health risk) then occupants may be advised to stay off the property until the clean-up is finished because the environment becomes very unhealthy for anyone not wearing the appropriate protective gear. As the team tears out damaged drywall and other materials, dust and/or spores from the biohazard will be raised into the air.

3) Salvaging contents and removal/demolition of debris

The content of your property (appliances, furniture, fixtures, and other) will be removed from the areas that were flooded. If there are any salvageable items, they will be restored to full use, but seriously damaged or contaminated items will be taken away with the debris to be disposed or destroyed. All damaged drywall, flooring and other materials will be torn out, and the debris safely transported according to health regulations.

Afterwards, industrial strength air moving equipment like fans and dehumidifiers will be used to dry out any lingering moisture.This will help prevent any further dangerous bio-infestations from spreading in your premises.

4) Restoring and sanitizing

Our All-Brite experts will then perform the final steps in the restoration procedures. First, they will use special sanitization products as the scour infested areas (if any) found on your property. These areas will be treated with antimicrobial products and detergents that will eliminate the bio-infestations.

Finally, our team will replace the old drywall and insulation with fresh material. Their primary intention is to return you and your family or employees to a healthful environment that satisfies all governmental health and safety regulations.

5) Final inspections

A last inspection of the premises will be made by our All-Brite team, making sure all damages and problem areas have been thoroughly cleaned and restored. Afterwards, you will be given a walk-through of your property as everything that was done in the restoration process is explained and your questions answered. Finally, the team members will help move all your restored content back inside.

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All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services performs a variety of services for both residential and commercial customers. Our professional teams work in a variety of capacities, including water-related problems, like mold remediation. Also, we perform extensive clean-up services: carpet cleaning, window washing, or new construction cleaning.

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