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New Construction Cleaning

After the paint dries in a new home, or when the last glass pane is sealed on a new office building, the workers pack up the tools of their various trades and go to the next construction site where the foundation is poured and the wood and/or steel is waiting. But, the building is not ready to sell yet. Now, someone has to come in and put the final touch-up work to make the new construction really “pop.” All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services has performed hundreds of move-out and new construction cleanups on homes and businesses that will help promote the sale of the property.

new construction cleaning

Call All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services at (863) 382-0042 for your new construction cleaning. Our service area covers Highlands County, Hardee County and Okeechobee County.

You can feel confident about calling All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services because we have a skilled team of professional cleaning and restoration experts who will begin working on your new building as soon as possible. Whether it’s a residential or business location, our cleaning technicians will utilize cutting-edge equipment, modern techniques, and powerful cleaning products to make sure your property goes onto the market with that special new-look you want to see.

Whether you need a new house or office building cleaned, don’t delay calling for help. Hesitating will not make the property clean itself, but it could delay a sale. If you are ready to get it sold quickly, you can be sure that our staff of license, insured and trained cleaning technicians will make it look fresh for your buyers.

Service procedures

The work crews who put in the walls, the carpet, the tile and all the rest try to leave things in as good a shape as they can. But, they have to do the dirty jobs, so inevitably a little dust and grime gets left behind. Or, maybe a few specks of paint slipped through a slit in the drop clothes. When it comes to doing the final cleaning on a newly constructed building, All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services uses several talents in one project. The whole job demand very detailed cleaning and using the right products for the job, the overall objective is to make sure everything has that new-look prospective buyers want to see.

  • We Inspect the area first

First thing our teams will do is assess the specific details of building. What is the square footage? Are there paint splotches on the carpet? What is the condition of the kitchen and bathroom tilework? If there are stains on the floors or walls, the team will determine the type of stain. This information will help the team formulate an idea of what needs to be done as they proceed with the cleaning. Once the inspection is completed, the All-Brite team will develop a cleaning plan, which is presented to the customer with a feasible bid before proceeding with the project.

  • Making the fixtures sparkle

The kitchen and bathroom are usually the two most important areas on the property. All-Brite cleaners will make sure the countertops and fixtures glisten with cleaners that are formulated for chrome or whatever material they are made from. The cleaning crew also gives the countertops a thorough clean so the surface will shine will look like it has been polished.

  • Make sure the windows look good

Window cleaning is one of the many services that All-Brite offers to customers in its service area. The glass panes will be for the most part clean except maybe for some dust from the dried joint compound or a few specks of paint, both of which must be taken off carefully to avoid leaving an abrasion on the surface.

  • Final inspections

When all the cleaning is finished, the team members conduct their final assessment. They will make sure everything is immaculate so that when you show the property to a potential buyer, they will see it as a fresh and spotless building. The assessment will be followed up by a walk-through with you to explain everything that has been done to restore your property. Also, our team members will gladly answer any questions you might have about your project.

Call All-Brite for a quality restoration or cleaning

construction cleanupAll-Brite Professional Cleaning Services performs a variety of services in addition to new construction cleaning for both residential and commercial customers. Our efforts are aimed at getting the job done efficiently with a good quality outcome. Our professional teams work in such capacities as water-related problems: flooding, mold remediation and more. Also, we perform extensive clean-ups – including but not limited to carpet cleaning, tile-and-grout steaming, or window washing.

If you live or do business in our service area, call All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services at (863) 382-0042 if you ever need your new property thoroughly cleaned. We are always available. You can be assured that this new residence or business location will be in expert hands, and we will finish the job well. We always treat our customers with professionalism and courtesy.

Remember, delay is never a good option. Procrastinating any job will only make things worse, so do not delay getting your clean up done. Our team will respond in a timely manner to get your new house or business property looking great and in a timely manner.

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