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The Dangers of Not Letting a Professional Treat Your Mold Problem

Posted on August 25, 2017

photo by kayelleallen- https://pixabay.com/en/users/kayelleallen-886177/
photo by kayelleallen- https://pixabay.com/en/users/kayelleallen-886177/

The word, “mold,” strikes fear in the hearts of all those who hear it. It’s true that long term exposure poses health problems in addition to structural damage. This is why professionals should be called out to assess damage and begin intervention right away. Before you do, however, it’s important to distinguish which type of mold requires a professional. Almost everyone has mold in their bathrooms and showers. This type is easily treated with chemicals purchased at a local market and does not typically require a professional. If, however, you notice it growing on your ceiling or drywall, or it is the result of a leak, it is important to have an expert pay you a visit. Let’s discuss some of the dangers of letting this type of issue go untreated.

Health Risks

Most people know that mold poses serious health risks to certain individuals. Often the only way to know who is affected by it is through exposure. Like most people, you don’t want to risk sickness to your family by treating it yourself, even if it is minor. Rather than rolling the dice that you can find and treat the problem yourself, call an expert. They provide the peace of mind that the situation has been handled thoroughly. It is a good idea, after finding and fixing a leak, to contact a professional to assess the mold damage in your house to avoid potential upper respiratory issues for you or your family members.

Getting to the Source

When you first detect a problem, you may not be seeing the entirety of the issue with your own eyes. Rather than blindly inspecting ceilings, traveling into your attic or tearing out drywall needlessly, an expert can save you the work.  A professional has treated many cases in the past and is well versed in how to find and isolate the problem. There may be additional areas not visible to you that the professional can find and treat. An expert can detect future problems and can determine how widespread your issue is.

Thorough Treatment

Professional companies have specific treatment plans for finding and addressing mold. You won’t need to run the risk of missing areas by using your own products and guess work.  A professional will be able to provide a thorough treatment plan for eradicating the mold. Using professional grade chemicals will help rid the mold and prevent further issues with air quality and drywall damage.

Future Mold Problems

Because mold is something that can get into the air and is unseen by the human eye, it’s important to know that the treatment was thorough and long lasting.  A professional cleaner will treat the current mold with professional chemicals and solutions. Additionally, they will seal the spot to prevent any future growth. Companies insure their work and you can feel confident that the mold was sufficiently treated.

Mold occurs in many areas and is a natural part of our environment, but it’s important to know if your problem is minor or more widespread. Bathrooms and showers harbor some given they are humid and not often well ventilated. These areas can be easily treated without an expert. If you discover mold, as a result of a leak or on the interior of your walls or ceilings, you should contact an expert. A professional will be able to identify problem areas, treat current mold and eliminate the risk of future growth.

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