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Hard Surface Floor Cleaning for your Home and Office

Posted on March 23, 2017

Sweeping and mopping are the most common ways of keeping your floors clean. And if you have carpeted floors, then you probably vacuum on a regular basis. However, over time, grind and dirt can accumulate in small cracks and lines and if there is spillage involved, it can seep into marbled floors which frankly can be very difficult to remove. Unless the floors are given an intensive cleaning routine, your floors can lose their sheen and start to appear dull.

Durable Surfaces Need Cleaning Too

The most common types of flooring include hardwood, granite, marble, stone, and ceramic tiles, and laminate. In addition to regular sweeping and mopping, these surfaces require cleaning through waxing, scrubbing, stripping, polishing, and burnishing. Some types of flooring might require special coating or polishing to maintain their condition.

In commercial spaces, flooring can take a real beating given the kind of traffic that office spaces see on a day to day basis. The office is a place of business and the last thing you want people to walk onto are untidy and stained or damaged floors.

Floor cleaning technicians are trained in carrying out complete cleaning of any floor surface and in some cases they are also trained to carry out minor repairs and in removal of surface scratches. This type of specialized cleaning is not something that most home or office owners can do on their own. A specialist who is trained in floor cleaning techniques is the best person for the job.

Dangers of DIY Floor Cleaning

In spite of their durability, hard surface floor cleaning involves the use of special products and a variety of different cleaning techniques based on the type of floor. For example, the products that are used in cleaning wooden floors are very different to the kind of products used in marble floor cleaning. Floor cleaning professionals come equipped with special tools and cleaning products and they have the know-how necessary in floor cleaning.

Permanent staining and damage are of course the big risk factors with any DIY techniques. Regardless of whether you go with high-quality cleaning products or with home cleaning materials such as vinegar, bleach, or ammonia, if you don’t know what you are doing, then you always run the risk of making the situation worse. If the sealant is damaged, then the floor could become more porous in which case it will readily soak up any dirt leading to stubborn and even permanent staining.

Professional Floor Cleaning can improve your Floor Life

A professional is trained in the use of high-quality machines that are designed specifically for ensuring complete floor cleaning. They are also trained in usage of cleaning agents that are best suited for cleaning different hard surfaces. With proper cleaning, care, and maintenance even old floors can reclaim their former look and shine. In addition to regular cleaning on your part, you also need to utilize the services of professional floor cleaning technicians on a regular basis if you want to ensure long life for your hard surface floors.

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