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What do I do when I have Mold?

Posted on May 11, 2017

While it is almost impossible to remove mold spores completely from your home, there are ways to prevent mold growth, such as a reduction in moisture in the home. Most homes do end up with a mold growth every now and then, especially in areas with warmth and moisture that are not exposed to sunlight, such as your bathroom or under your kitchen sink.  When you do end up with a mold growth, there are a few ways to get rid of it before it spreads and becomes a bigger problem. These tips are for smaller and surface mold and mildew growth, for larger contamination you may want to consult a professional mold remediation company.

Reduce the moisture

Mold needs moisture to grow, so to start off with, you need to get rid of the source of the moisture. Fix leaky water pipes, replace broken roof tiles, dry up water from a flood, ensure natural light and a decent airflow to keep the area as dry as possible. Dry up any water spills as soon as possible and check your plumbing regularly.

Hard surface cleaning

To get rid of the mold on hard surfaces, such as tiles, you can use a home remedy such as baking soda and vinegar, a bleach solution or a fungicidal detergent. It is best to make sure that you wear protective clothing including a mask when cleaning the mold off surfaces in your home. If you have an allergy or a strong sensitivity to mold spores, unless you wear full protective gear and a HEPA filter, you might want to get someone else to deal with the mold removal.

Throw away moisture and mold damaged items

This includes furniture, clothing, paper, cardboard, books and similar household items that become damaged by moisture and mold as it is unlikely that you will be able to remove all the mold spores from these items or remove the stains even if you can. You will also need to discard fittings and fixtures in your home such as carpets, drywall and ceiling boards that get damaged through moisture and mold infestation. These materials are porous and the mold gets right inside and rots it from the inside out. It is almost impossible to remove all the mold spores from these items, so it is best to discard them all together.

Dont paint or seal over mold

Attempts at trying to hide the mold stains and infestations by covering up will not work, as the mold will often cause the paint to peel off and start showing through from underneath. It is always best to completely remove the mold and the mold spores with washing with a mold removing agent and then allowing the wall to dry properly before painting over the area.

Mold can go from being a small problem to becoming a large one and can even pose health risks for you and your family if it is allowed to spread unchecked. If you need help removing the mold in your home or getting it under control, it is often a better option to call in people who have the correct protective gear and equipment to help you deal with the problem.

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