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Carpet Cleaning

Unfortunately, science has never developed a carpet that will never get dirty. This is an obvious fact for any mom or dad who assumes the job of carpet cleaning. Many home-owners make it a point to vacuum every few days to keep their home looking clean. Frequent vacuuming is fine and good, but ultimately your carpet will need a deep cleaning to keep that “sparkling” luster that people like to maintain.

Why isn’t regular vacuuming enough? The answer is very simple. Your standard home vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to pull out top-level dirt particles, but even the heavier machines like those used in many hotels and restaurants can’t clean down deep enough to get out all the dirt. Excessive walking traffic pushes dirt deeper, down to the carpet backing, the base material where the threads are interwoven tightly, so they will stand on top. As these dirt particles accumulate, your carpet tends to take on a duller look. If you wait too long between deep cleanings, this mass of dirt can damage the backing, which will cause your carpet to lose threading.

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Call All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services at (863) 382-0042. Our service area covers Highlands County, Hardee County and Okeechobee County. You can feel confident when you call All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services because a skilled team of carpet cleaning professional will begin working at your home or place of business as soon as possible. We utilize modern equipment, and powerful cleaning products to get that dullness out of your carpet and make it beautiful again. If you need a carpet cleaned, don’t delay calling for help. The longer you wait clean, the greater the risk of it ruining.

Frequent cleaning keeps your carpet beautiful and usable

Over time, dirt builds up inside carpet. It begins at surface level as normal traffic passes through your residence or place of business tracks in even a minuscule amount. Over time the small portions not only increase in volume but are trampled deeper. In a short period, the abrasiveness of the dirt build-up wears on the material. Your carpet loses its luster. At All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services, we will use top-quality equipment and products to lift even the deep-down dirt. We service residential and commercial carpet cleaning. Whether you’re a business or just a home-owner, we know you want your carpet to look good, especially for customers or guests, so we strive to give your carpet a clean and sparkling finish that you will take pride in.

1) We inspect the carpet first

First thing our teams will do is assess the specific details of your carpet: the extent of the deep-down dirt and the condition of the backing. If there are stains, the team will determine the type of stain: beverage, pet urine, or other. This information will help the team formulate an idea of what needs to be done as they proceed with the cleaning. Once the inspection is completed, the All-Brite team will develop a cleaning plan, which is presented to the customer with a feasible bid before proceeding with the project.

2) Prep work before cleaning

After the inspection, the room and carpeting are prepped for the cleaning. It would be helpful if the rooms to be cleaned first were already cleared before the team arrives. But, if schedules or other reasons won’t permit, no problem. We can discuss moving the furniture or any other obstacles before we start the cleaning procedures.

3) Steam cleaning

In the steam cleaning process we use steam cleaning method mixed with a powerful detergent that penetrates into the carpet fibers dissolve dirt particles and it is extracted through the intake. To complete the process there is a 4 to 5 hour drying time required with proper ventilation.

4) Stain and odor removal

A similar procedure is used to clean localized stains but sometimes with specialized detergents that are more effective to a specific type: pet urine, fruit juice, alcoholic beverages, and more.

Call All-Brite for a quality restoration or cleaning

Call All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services at (863) 382-0042 if you live or do business in our service area. We are always available. You can be assured that your home or business will be placed into professional hands, and you will feel comfortable that our professional team is on the job. You will be treated with professionalism and courtesy at all times. Also, remember, procrastinating will only make things worse. Never delay getting your carpet cleaned. Our team will respond quickly and get your carpet looking almost new in a timely manner.

All-Brite Professional Cleaning Services performs many services for both residential and commercial customers. Our efforts are aimed at getting the job done with a good quality outcome and in a timely manner. Our professional teams work in a variety of capacities, including water-related problems: such as flooding, plumbing issues, mold remediation and more. Also, we perform extensive clean-ups, such as carpet cleaning, new construction cleaning, or window washing. When you hire All-Brite, we do it all and do it right.

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