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Unless you are expecting guest over or are deep cleaning, you don’t think about cleaning your windows. However, there are benefits to cleaning your windows like allow more light into your home or extending your windows life. If you are ready to reap the benefits of window cleaning, then you should know the do’s and don’ts of window cleaning. Following these simple rules will help ensure your safety and give you the cleanest windows.

Do Ensure Safety is the Main Priority

More than likely you will not be able to reach all your windows without the use of a ladder. When using a ladder to clean your windows be sure that ladder is sturdy and place your ladder securely to avoid accidents. Falling off a ladder could land you in the emergency room.

Don’t Use Newspaper or Paper towels

It may be more convenient to use a newspaper or paper towels when window cleaning. But these two tools are not going to give you the results you want. Instead of cleaning your windows, a paper towel or newspaper will just push the dirt around. Instead of reaching for a paper towel or newspaper, try using a piece of cloth. A piece of cloth will give you the shine you are looking for.

Do Wash Your Windows When It’s Cloudy

You may think that cleaning your windows is easier when it is cloudy. Surprisingly, it is best to clean your windows when it is cloudy. The clouds will help you better detect streaks.

Don’t Wash Windows with the Wrong Tools

You should always have the right tools to wash your windows. If you are missing something like a ladder, then don’t try washing second story windows. Washing your windows without a ladder could lead to an emergency room visit. Instead, call the professionals. Professional window cleaners have the right tools to clean your windows.

Do use Professional Tools

Using professional tools will make your windows look nicer. You should use a squeegee. A squeegee will get rid of any streaks that may get left behind. Be sure the squeegee has a rubber end.

Don’t Avoid All Window Cleaners

There are some window cleaners out there that are safe to use on windows. However, not all window cleaners will give you the results you want. Try to avoid window cleaners that have alcohol or ammonia in them, using them can lead to unwanted streaks.

Do Start From The Top

If you have a multiple story home, you should start from the top and work your way down. The same holds true when you are actually cleaning the windows. Working from the top down will help get rid of any dirt that has fallen from the top of the window while cleaning.

Do Call the Professionals

While you can do a window cleaning yourself, there are a lot of do’s and don’t to get the results you want. Instead of stressing over doing everything correctly, you should just call the professionals at All Brite Cleaning. All Brite Cleaning has the skills to give you the clean windows you are looking for.


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